terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016

Photography Project 365

The Half (day 35/365)

My 21st anniversary (day 36/365)

Following The Tracks Of Walking (day37/365)

Illegal Look (day38/365

Waiting Line (day 39/365)

Endless Old Street (day40/365)

Sunset Connection (day41/365)

Silent Moon (day42/365)

Secret Books (day43/365)

Instant Whisper (day44/365)

Red Veins (day45/365)

Distant Field (day46/365)

Somewhere Over the Sky (day 47/365)

The Heart Of My Dreams (day 48/365)

Stormy Day (49/365)

Escaping Into The Sunset (50/365)

Moving Forward (51/365)

Staring At Destiny (day 52/365)

Girls On Film (day52/365)

Stay the Same (day54/365)

Surrounded By Rain (day55/365)

Dark Symptoms (day56/365)

Something Inside (day 57/365)

Far From Night (day58/365)

Introvert Haunted (day59/365)

The Beginning (day60/365)

Sweet and Fragile (day 61/365)
I just love him so much. I will never forget the first time I saw him, the first time I held him, the first time I slept with him. I cannot imagine my life without this sweet. He's so so so special. He brings so much happiness to my life. I love waking up and having him right away by my side. I literally treat him as if he were my son. And feels so good. Everyday I love him more and more.

Perpetual Love(day62/365)
I've been blessed. My life did a 360 ever since I met you. I feel much more confident and happier. And the most important thing I learned with you in this years is that we have to chase our dreams and see them as goals to achieve. I have everything I've always wanted because I have you. Now I believe everything we want it's possible. 'We make our destiny.' Thank you for being so good to me.

Time Doesn't Exist (day63/365)

Light Me (day64/365)

Reaching the Sky (day65/365)

Fragile Stories (day66/365)

Dangerous Anger (67/365)

New Family Member (68/365)

Explosive Blood (69/365)

My Brother's 25 anniversary (70/365)

Cosiness (71/365)

Talking Without Speaking (72/365)

Doubt In Your Eyes (73/365)

Rainy City (74/365)

Mystic (75/365)

Remains of the Past (76/365)

Portraying My Existence (77/365)

Over Patterns (78/365)

Your Own Complexity (79/365)

Beyond The Sky (80/365)

Poisonous (day81/365)

Don't Get Lost in Heaven (day 82/365)

Fearful (day83/365)

Sweet Sunrise (day84/365)

Close Up (day 85/365)

Holding Onto Safety (day86/365)

Mother (day87/365)

Suspiciously (day88/365)

Lazy Day (day89/365)

Cute Broccoli (day90/365)

Alone with Nature (day91/365)

Metamorphosis (day92/365)

Waiting For The Summer (93/365)

Left Into the Unknown (94/365)

Cloudy Vision (95/365)

Strong Winds (96/365)

Secrets of the World (97/365)

Golden Sunshine (98/365)

Experiencing Light (99/365)

Looking From A New Perspective (day100🎉/365)

Going With the Wind (101/365)

Distant Worlds (102/365)

Memories of a Warm Day (103/365)

Natural Shadow (104/365)

Seasons Change (105/365)

Wondering Why (106/365)